Daniel Hand 2017-18 Varsity Girls Golf Schedule
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Date Opponent H/A-Facility Time Result Note
TBA  CIAC Open Championship  Away - Site TBA
Mon., 4/23  Amity  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand(221); Amity(188)Medalist:Bridget Barnsley(A)42. Amity scores:Tess Csejka 45, Caroline Cadelina 50, Sebin Park 51 and Alice Zhou 54. Hand scores: Molly Meyer 50, Josie Anderson 53, Angie Balzano 57, Morgan Lipford 61 and Bella Larizza 62.   
Tue., 4/24  Norwich Free Academy  Away - Norwich Golf Course
2:30 p.m.  Hand(225), NFA(240) Medalist: Molly Meyer(H)52. Hand scores: Bella larizza 55, Josie Anderson 56, Angie Balzano 62 and Morgan Lipford 64. NFA scoes: Haley Price 54, Lily Sherbanee 55, Jill Irvine 64, Lauren Allen 667 and Lane Perkins 68.   
Thu., 4/26  Avon  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand(218), Avon(213)Medalist: Julia Legan(A)46. Avon scores:Katie O'Brien47, Kerry Singer60, Hayley Yaros60 a nd Maddie Mackinnon63. Hand:Molly Meyer52, ANgie Balzano52, Bella Larizza54, Morgan Lipford60 and Josie Anderson 62.   
Mon., 4/30  Lauralton Hall  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand(217), LH(219)Medalist:Haley Berbier(LH)44. LH scores:Erin Eason51, Bailey McGuigan57, Christina Ludwig67 and Quin Elliott67. Hand scores:Molly Meyer51, Angie Balzano54, Bella Larizza54, Josie ANderson58, Morgan Lipford65.   
Tue., 5/1  Cheshire  Away - Southington Country club
3:00 p.m.  Cheshire(206), Hand(220)Medalist:Cassidy Keaney(C)49. Cheshire scores: Marissa Brough51, Maggie Burkhard51, Lucy Pelligrino55, Isabella DelRosso(62). Hand scores:Molly Meyer53,Erickson Richard53, ANgie Balzano55, Josie Anderson59,Bella Larizza61   
Wed., 5/2  Norwich Free Academy  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand(203), NFA(237)Medalist:Haley Price(NFA)45. Hand scores: ANgie Balzano46, Erickson Richard52, Bella Larizza52, Molly Meyer53, Morgan Lipford55. NFA scores:Jillian Irvine62, Lauren Allen65, Lane Perkins65, Lily Sherbanee71. Record: Hand(3-3)   
Thu., 5/3  Amity  Away - Race Brook C.C. - Orange
3:30 p.m.  Hand(212), Amity(199) Medalist: Bridget Barnsley(A)44. Amity scores: Caroline Cadelina49, Alice Zhou52, Tess Csejka54,Sebin Park59. Hand scores:Molly Meyer52, Erickson Richard52, Josie Anderson53, Angie Balzano55, Bella Larizza58. Hand record:(3-4)   
Tue., 5/8  Sacred Heart Academy  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  SHA(245),Hand(204)Medalist(H)Angie Balzano 45. SHA scores:Cara Peccerillo53, Bella Crotta57, Anna Dendas66, Carley LaRosa69, Alexa Davidson73. Hand scores:Erickson Richard51, Molly Meyer52, Josie Anderson56, Morgan Lipford60, Julia Rumberger63. Hand record:(4-4)   
Thu., 5/10  Mercy  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand(208), Mercy(185). Medalist: Praewa Treekul(M)37. Mercy scores:Meghan Deville 41, Caroline Thompson 53, Eileen So 54, Allison Chase 60. Hand scores: Angie Balzano 49, Erickson Richard 51, Molly Meyer 54, Josie Anderson 54, Bella Larizza 55.   
Mon., 5/14  Cheshire  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Cheshire(208), Hand(216) Medalist:Cassidy Keaney(C)48 Cheshire scores:Marissa Brough51, Isabella DelRosso52, Lucy Pellegrino57, Maggie Brukhard61. Hand scores:ANgie Balzano52, Bella Larizza52, Josie Anderson55, Molly Meyer57, Morgan Lipford60.   
Thu., 5/17  Suffield  Home - Madison Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Suffield(231), Hand(232)Medalist:Angie Balzano(H)53   
Mon., 5/21  Mercy  Away - LYMANS GOLF COURSE-JONES
3:00 p.m.  Hand(238), Mercy (182)Medalist:Praewa Treekul(M)40. Mercy scores: Caroline Thompson47, Eileen So47, Meghan DeVille48, Alison Chase75. Hand scores: Molly Meyer57, Angie Balzano58, Bella Larizza59, Lucia Balzano64 and Julia Rumberger77.   
Wed., 5/23  Lauralton Hall, Amity  Away - Oronoque Country Club
2:30 p.m.  Hand216), LH(223)medalist:Erin Eason(LH)49. LH scores:Haley Bernier50, Bailey McGuigan55, Christina Ludwig69 and Quin Elliott73.Hand scores: Bella Larizza52, Angie Balzano53, Molly Meyer54, Josie Anderson57, Erickson Richard57 and Lucia Balzano55.   
Thu., 5/24  Sacred Heart Academy  Away - Great River C.C.
2:30 p.m.  Hand(191), SHA(212)medalist: Jiwon Jeong(SHA)43.   
Tue., 5/29  Suffield  Away - Copper Hill
3:00 p.m.  Hand(199),Suffield(221)medalist: Molly Meyer(H)46   
Wed., 5/30  SCC Championship  Away - Hawk's Landing- Southington
9:00 a.m.     
Tue., 6/5  CIAC Girls Golf Championship  Away - Tashua Knolls CC
8:30 a.m.     
Wed., 6/20  New England Championships  Away - Bretwood GC - Keene, NH
8:00 a.m.